Tuesday, 7 March 2017

New lipsticks! Mrs PB made a Faux pas!

Hello everyone!

I have recently discovered the delights that are the shopping site Ali Express.  Why did I not know about this site before?!  Basically its a selling site a bit like eBay but without the bidding.  Things are extremely cheap and mostly come from China and Japan and take a few weeks to arrive here in the UK.  If you don't mind the wait you can pick up so bargains!
So far I have bought lots of things like stickers for my planner, towels, jewellery wall hanger, cosmetics storage and recently I spotted some lipsticks that I liked the look of.

I am sure, in fact I'm sure I'm sure that when I ordered these it did not say penis shaped! But they have arrived and they are in fact penis shaped!  This has caused many giggles!  I will not be taking these particular lipsticks with me to church to top up my lippy!

So to the lipsticks!

So, They come in lovely packaging.  Really pretty and the packaging doesn't feel cheap or flimsy.
The lipstick is from the brand Kakaxi and I bought shades 3, 6, & 8.

The actual tube of the lipstick is a lovely black pattern and would look lovely arranged on your dressing table.  I really love it!
The colours are lovely.  I really like shade 3 which is a Scarlett red very similar to a Rimmel one that I have reviewed before. 
Its very unfortunate bout the shape!  Although I suppose that as a novelty gift they would be quite amusing.  Thing is I like to be thrifty so Ive bought them, and shall use them up! 
 I tried them and found they have a very creamy texture.  They last around a hour and a half on the lips, so not particularly long lasting but priced at £1.23 each I guess you get what you pay for.  I also noticed that the tube of product isn't quite as long as the ones we get in the UK.  Maybe that is reflected in the price? Or maybe its just how they make them.  I have ordered some other lipsticks so I will compare them on size when they arrive.
I suppose I could always say they were mushroomed shape rather than penis style!

Should you be interested in buying them they can be found HERE.  
Delivery to the UK took around four weeks but like I said if you don't mind the wait the price is excellent!

I hope you got the end of this post without laughing at me too much and I hope to see you back here again really soon!

Bye for now

Hales x 


Jules said...

I'm sorry, I'm laughing. A bargain though. X 😂

ThePBFamily said...

we laughed too! What a mistake to make! I will chalk it down to experience!


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